Are You A Global Online Star?

Is It Time To 

....Grow Your Business Online?

....Reach Customers Globally?

....Package Your Knowledge, Experience & Passion?

....Help People All Over The World?

....Shine To Your Full Purpose?

....Be Your Truest Authentic Self?

....Cut Your BS?

....Just Do What You Know You Have Been Put Here To Do?

....Shine, Share & Make An Impact?

....Stop Being Afraid & 

....Change Your World?

How This Will Help You

Expanding your business online, isn't just about implementing systems. It isn't just about remodelling your business.  It is about first finding the courage to take the first step. It is about connecting into what you really want to achieve and who you want to help. 

Bringing your business global is about more than you.

It is about fulfilling your purpose and finally living that internal whisper that you have always wanted to go for. It is about rising to your Full Potential. It is about the change, impact and difference you want to make in the world. Being a Global Online Star helps you grow the mindset and systems you really need to take both you and your business to people all over the world.

It Is Time Not Just To 

Make An Income But An Impact  

Do You Know There Is More You Are Meant To Do, Be, Share, Live. 

Are You Ready To Live Your Full Purpose And Bring Your Business To A Whole New Level Globally?


  • Changing the model of your business from in person to online.
  • Having the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Creating customers all over the world
  • Having the courage to be more visible online
  • No longer fearing making videos for your business
  • Having fully stepped into the identity of being an online entrepreneur
  • No longer wishing finally DOING!

Start Your Global Online Star 

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Why We Are Committed To You

Why  I want you to succeed....

You see for a very long time I have always wanted to help people all over the world. 

But here is the truth, I can't do it on my own. 

Then I realised if I had a Global Family of Online Stars

 all helping people we could do it much faster together.

So now you see, I'm not committed to your success for you,

but for the amazing change we are going to achieve together.

 Are You Committed 

To Making An Impact?

Want To Join Our Mission?

Change Your Business Change The World

Stories From Happy Clients Over The Years

Cristiana Blasutta

"Working with Martha has been life changing for my business. I'm more visible and now have an online business, I'm so happy I decided to work with her."

I'm a certified life coach. My husband and I worked with Martha. It was life changing. Before working with her I wasn't visible at all. I was thinking I will play a small game. I will never be able to have a business online. With Martha I was able to see I could do it. 

I followed the steps, Martha was very precise and very organised and she would challenge me to go out of my comfort zone.  

I created my first program, and now offer it online. I started to be more visible online on many platforms. 

I highly recommend Martha and so happy I decided to work with her. 

It Is Time To Let Go Of The Fear Of Business Growth Online, 
It Is Time To Let Go Of The Fear Of Being Visible, 
It Is Time To Focus On What A Difference You Can Make & All The People You Can Help

This program is for people who want a breakthrough

 in mindset, strategy to grow their business online to their next level. 

  • This IS For:

  • People who want to maximise their income packages
  • People who want to grow their marketing and business online.
  • People who want to get customers from around the world.
  • People who want to sell digital products. 
  • People who want to review their website and understand the changes they need to make for it to be a more attractive selling website.
  • People who want to help people all over the world. 
  • People who finally want to drop the BS and be their true authentic selves
  • People who really want to shine and show all of their real brilliance, despite their fears.
  • People who know they are made for more. 
  • People who want to fulfil a purpose with their life, even if they don't know it yet! They are willing to take the first step. 
  • People who want to help people and make an impact while making an income. 
  • This IS NOT For:

  • This program is not for people who will not take action when asked to step out of their comfort zone. 
  • It is not for people who are so afraid of being visible online they won’t take ANY action. 
  • This program is not for people who think they know it all.
  • This program is not for anyone who does not want to be accountable
  • This program is not for people who do not have 4-6 hours a week for 8 weeks.
  • This program is not for anyone who thinks the program will do the work for them
  • This program is not for anyone who thinks they have no responsibility in this program.
  • This program is not for anyone who thinks an online business will just happen. 

It Is Time To Let Go Of The Fear Of
Business Growth Online

We Believe 

People like you and I can either ignore the calling and try to have a "normal" life, that your friends or family will understand. 


You can finally give in and follow your heart even if you don't know all the steps. By surrendering to your calling to step up to be more, give more the universe will hear you and align to make your purpose possible.  

You just have to say YES and follow through with the work to bring you there. 

 Global Online Stars are People Who Are Stepping Into Their Into Their Heart Vision, Even Though It Scares Them. They Know They Are Going To Make An Impact and A Difference.

This Is What is Important.

Faith Replaces Fear. 

Stories From Happy Clients Over The Years

Dervilla Clarke

"With the support of Martha and the rest of the program group you will move forward and shine like the bright shiny star that you are."

As the program comes to a close I look back on the year as one of great clarity, growth and friendship.

I stepped outside my comfort zone to invest in the program so that I and my business could grow and evolve.

During the past year Martha and the other ladies in the group have been a tremendous support on a personal and business level. Support and accountability are key in getting your business online. Meeting in person once a month was a brilliant way of really focusing on your online business. The days always flew but we went home with work done and a plan to keep moving forward.

I have gained more clarity as to who I am here to serve. I ran my first beta testing online programme 5 Steps to Shake You Up for Success which helped me to build confidence and belief that I could actually do this successfully. Feedback from the programme has been amazing. I am now tweaking some aspects so that I will run it again in 2018.

From that programme my monthly membership for women in business - Mind Yourself Mind Your Business was born. I am very excited about the growth and expansion possibilities for this programme. I also created a new package Breakthrough Your Stress Cycle.

I have learned more technical skills which support me in running my business. When I got stuck with technical issues Martha was always there to support me and help me to move forward .

There were times when I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster but the reality is growth and expansion can feel uncomfortable, especially if putting yourself out there in the online world is relatively new to you, but when I sit back, evaluate and celebrate all I have learned and achieved I can feel very proud of myself and grateful for Martha, her expertise and her patience.

It is very evident that Martha puts her heart and soul into her clients and really wants them to succeed and become the online star that she knows is possible.

Trust, faith and patience are required in yourself and the process. With the support of Martha and the rest of the program group you will move forward and shine like the bright shiny star that you are.

Program Details

8-10 Weeks Online Entrepreneur Breakthrough & Implementation Program 

All Group Calls Are On a Thursday 1pm GMT

*** Join Once, Join In Every Time It Runs!! ***

Week 1 Your Business Identity 

Thursday 10/10/2019 1pm GMT

Week 2 Reboot Your Business Model

Thursday 17/10/2019 1pm GMT

Week 3 Reboot Your Business Model 

Thursday 24/10/2019 1pm GMT

Week 4 Jumpstart Clarity

Thursday 31/10/2019 1pm GMT

Week 5 Jumpstart Designing Your Online Products 

Thursday 7/11/2019 1pm GMT

Week 6 Jumpstart Setup & Fly Test Your Online Products

Thursday 14/11/2019 1pm GMT

Week 7 JumpStart Creating Your Products

Thursday 21/11/2019 1pm GMT

Week 8 JumpStart Making Money 

Thursday 28/11/2019 1pm GMT

Bonus Best Practices For Global Online Stars


What You Get

Global Online Stars Members

  • 8 Weeks Group Program 
  • You have continued access to the Program Content 
  • 8 Group Q&A Calls 
  • Program is run twice a year
  • Monthly Accountability Lives 
  • Bonus: Community Peer Support Group
  • Other Bonuses***

The Global Online Star Program requires an investment of money, times, energy and

courage to go to the next level of your business. 

If you are NOT ready to invest in all of these please do not book a call. 

Are You Ready For A Program That Wants
To Be Dedicated To Your Success?

8-10 Weeks Online Entrepreneur Breakthrough & Implementation Program 

*** Join Once, Join In Every Time It Runs!! ***

Program Overview

  •  Welcome Week - 3 Day VIP Shine School *Advanced Members Only
  •  Week 1 - IDENTITY Align Your Identity & Audience As An Online Entrepreneur
  •  Week 2-3 -REBOOT Your Business Model To Maximise Your Income 
  •  Week 4-8 - JumpStart The Creation Your Online Digital Products 

Stories From Happy Clients Over The Years

Alison Daly

"I started the program in February and in just 3 months  I've already had my first 4figure launch for one product and I'm currently launching my second!"

I first met Martha when I took the plunge and attended her two-day 'Retreat to move forward' workshop. Even though I was hugely out of my comfort zone I enjoyed the dynamic of the small group and the space it gave to seriously start to create your online product. In doing so we got to explore exactly what that was and gain fantastic insight and clarity. Following this, I just knew that Martha's Program  was for me and even though I had a big price objection (its hard to justify a big spend both financially and time on a pie in the sky dream) I dived in head first.

I could not be happier and comfortable with the amazing ladies in my group and of course Martha. Her Program structure is fantastically designed to organically grow your knowledge base and hone your online skills without limiting your ability to 'do' during the time. Martha is an endless stream of sound advice and recommendations based on her own 'tried and tested' experience which is an important factor for me.

I started the program in February and in just 3 months  I've already had my first 4figure launch for one product and I'm currently launching my second!

If I had not listened to my heart when it called, I would have found plenty of objections to undertaking this programme, and I would be still merely dreaming of what I have already achieved! I am excited about the limitless possibilities the next 6 months will bring for each of us as we support and cheer each other on to great things.. under Martha's watchful eye of course!!

My Mission Is To Help You Shine To Your Full Potential To Share Your Magic &

Light Up The World!! 

Are You Ready To Shine?

Are you Ready?

(Even If You Are Not Sure Yet! ) 

Are you ready to follow the whisper inside of you?

Even if you are worried you will fail, succeed, be judged, nervous of being visible online and for the other 1000 more reasons you are thinking right now...

People will judge you anyway, it is actually a milestone that you are showing up doing you!! Don't leave this world having NOT played fully out BEING YOU!!

So one more question....are you ready to play fully out to your mission & BEING fully you?

Start Your Global Online Star 

Journey Today

If you still have questions before you join,

book a free call to talk with us.  

"I Need Accountability"

Hi there, 

So here is the thing. I have done years of training, business owners, I have done and invested in many coaches myself. So I know what people need, because at one point I needed it too.

Of all the training, coaching and mentoring I have had the one thing I really needed was accountability to help me show up, so that I wouldn't be afraid to rise to my full potential. I needed help when I was too scared, when I didn't believe in myself. 

And this is where we plan on being different. This is where we have got you. Because you are helping us build our vision and mission of a Global Online Star Family changing the world. 

We want you to succeed more than you know :) 

Not Sure If You Are Ready?

It isn't easy to step outside of your comfort zone. 

It isn't easy to shine brighter than you have ever done before. It is not easy to think that you can really achieve all you want to achieve. 

Is It Really Possible?

Honestly, it will take you saying yes, taking responsibility for making change in your business. Doing this program won't do it on it's own, but you implementing it will. 

You are going to make a difference in the world. You don't have to have it all figured out yet, you just have to have the courage to surrender finally and say yes to the whisper, that you know you really want to fulfil.

 Life is short, it is time, to shine. 

We Are Creating A Family Of Global Online Stars, It Is So Exciting

So whether you join us or not, you need to grow in your business. We would love you to join our family, so we can support you to shine as bright as possible. 

Growing your business online, takes courage, takes bravery to be your truest authentic self, to create a business that grows to help people around the world, using automated systems, processes and marketing. Most important it takes YOU :) 

We want to give you everything you need to succeed. 

If you feel this is for you we are so excited to have you join us. 

Are you excited, are you ready? Say yes and join us! 

What Happens When You Become A Global Online Star

  • A Global Online Star is someone who is running a component or all of their business online. 
  • They have customers all over the world. 
  • They are showing up every week with high energy marketing their business, solving problems for their customers, 
  • They are highly visible on their social platforms and also offline. 
  • Their business is more than a business, it is a dedication to helping their customers.
  • They are shining like they have never before and they are being 500% their authentic selves. 
  • They have setup systems and processes to help manage their online business. 
  • They have a website with a clear message and offer. 
  • They have passive income streams and digital products. 
  • They are no longer dependant on a business that is dependant on them.
  • They have more time to do the things they love.
  • They have a global online platform to reach as many people possible around the world.
  • They are no longer afraid of expanding their business online. 
  • They have found courage, strength, friendship and support of like minded people.
  • They are contributing to changing the world, they are now creating their purpose and leaving a legacy. 

Do You know what you were put here to do?
If yes, let's do it and if you don't know, let's find out.
You Are On This Page For A Reason, Don't Waste It. 

Start Your Global Online Star 

Journey Today

If you still have questions before you join,

book a free call to talk with us.  

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This Is Bigger Than You

Life Is About People 
We Are Here To Connect
We Are Here To Make A Difference. Tomorrow Is Not Promised Make Your Impact Today. 
You Are No Longer On Your Own

Start Your Global Online Star 

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If you still have questions before you join,

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